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“Our Mother” Writing and Photo Exhibition is Held in Seven Cities until October

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  • Fecha | Septiembre 24, 2013
ⓒ 2013 WATV
“Our Mother” Writing and Photo Exhibition is being held continually in Seoul and six metropolitan cities in Korea, and catches people’s attention. The exhibition, which was held from June 20 to July 4 amidst passionate support and great attention from audience at the Gangnam Church in Seoul, was held again as an encore at the same church. By this, a total of the number of the audience that visited the exhibition held at the Gangnam Church reached over ten thousand.

The exhibition which is hosted by the Church of God and organized by the Melchizedek Publishing Company continues to be held in seven cities in Korea from September 5 until October. It was decided to go nationwide because the citizens who visited the exhibition at the Gangnam Church repeatedly asked to let more people have an opportunity to come and see it. For this, the Seogu Church in Daejeon had the opening ceremony of the exhibition with distinguished guests on September 5 and started its exhibition extensively, so did the Nakseom Church in Incheon on September 10, and the Suyeong Church in Busan on September 24.

The contents of the exhibition and the organization of theme zones became more diverse and rich with many objects than the exhibition held at the Gangnam Church in Seoul.

Most people, who looked around the exhibition, shed tears and expressed their sympathy and thankfulness toward the love and sacrifice of mothers. Local leaders such as Superintendent of Education Lee Gi-yong, Daejeon City Councilor Oh Tae-jin, and Former Deputy Mayor of Daejeon City Lee Yeong-gyu said joyfully with one voice that the exhibition was very emotive, and that it was an excellent choice for them to come. Daejeon City Councilor Kim Dong-geon said, “It was a very precious time for me to recall mothers’ love and devotion once again. I hope that more citizens will come and see this exhibition.” Former Geumsan Police Superintendent Cho Yeong-su paid compliments on the exhibition, saying, “It was very moving. I’ll come again with my family members.”

The Chairman of Incheon City Council Lee Seong-man, who supported the exhibition with his short essay, looked around the exhibition and said, “I felt sympathetic to each and every piece. As mothers are the driving force of life to their children, I hope that this exhibition will become known to more people so that they can remember their mothers’ love and get strength.” Vice Principal of Gajeong Girls’ Middle School Kim Gil-jung said, “While I was looking around the exhibition, tears welled up in my eyes, thinking of my mother. I regret a lot because I didn’t serve my mother well when she was alive. Today’s students are not dutiful to their parents. I think it’ll be a perfect education for them to build up their character. It’ll be much better if parents and their children come together hand in hand.”

A woman in her late 30s, who was invited to the exhibition by her acquaintance, smiled brightly and said, “I was depressed since many things made me tired. But while watching the exhibition, my wounded heart was healed. If there are people who are worn out or depressed and think life is meaningless just like me, I want to say to them, ‘Come and see this exhibition, and you’ll get much strength and comfort.”

In October when autumn reaches its peak with colored leaves, the exhibition is going to be held in Daegu, Gwangju and Ulsan in order. Mothers are the source of power that enables children to live on. Mothers’ love touches everyone regardless of age and nationality, and becomes a timely rain and softens dried and rough hearts of our neighbors.

ⓒ 2013 WATV