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The 73rd Overseas Visiting Group

  • País | Korea
  • Fecha | Diciembre 31, 2018
Celebrating the 101st birth anniversary of Christ Ahnsahnghong, a special delegation came to New Jerusalem Mother from 62 churches in 10 countries of five continents—Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe. They are the 73rd Overseas Visiting Group to Korea to praise God Elohim.

The visiting group entered Korea on December 31, 2018. It consisted of 125 members with talents for singing, musical instruments, and dancing, whether traditional or modern, including singers, musicians, and music or dance majors. Despite Her busy schedules, Mother warmly welcomed the members coming from far-off countries on a cold winter day. Mother embraced them whom She missed so much and said in their languages that She loves them. Also, Mother blessed them to stay in Korea without any inconvenience so that they would display God’s glory and be much inspired by the Holy Spirit before they returned.

After receiving blessings from Mother, the visiting group members went to the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute and spent their year-end practicing their performances by team. On January 3 and 6 when the celebrations of the birth of Christ were held, they came on stage, dressed in their traditional costumes before Mother and over 30,000 brothers and sisters, to give thanks and sing praise to Heavenly Father and Mother for Their coming to the earth in the flesh to save us. Hymns such as New Songs and opera arias moved the audience with the messages full of faith, hope, and love. Musical performances and the members’ own songs and dance moves demonstrated their unity, joy, and fervor for the gospel.

ⓒ 2018 WATV
The visiting group members said they had been on big stages many times, but not this big. Giving glory to Heavenly Father and Mother, they rejoiced to be with heavenly family members. “I’ve performed in front of the president when I was a child. Come to think of it, it was just a practice for today’s performance. I can’t believe that I’ve performed to glorify God the Most High. It’s just like a dream,” said Sister Allora from New Windsor, NY, U.S. “It was the most important and meaningful stage in my 25 years of trumpet-playing. We could feel that God accepted our offering (performance and praise),” said Brother Lenwood from the same church. “The Nepalese members didn’t have enough time to practice together as we were away from each other. But thanks to Korean members’ words of encouragement, “We’re already impressed with your coming from the Himalayas,” and Mother’ help, we, too, could make it. Though we speak different languages, our yearning for Father and gratitude to Mother are the same. So I could be more convinced that we are truly heavenly family members,” said Deacon Sushan from Kathmandu, Nepal.

The visiting group experienced Korean culture, looking around the aquarium, the Seoul Sky Observatory, and the Church of God History Museum, and retraced the gospel path that Heavenly Father and Mother walked. On the Sabbath, they visited the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple and local churches in Pyeongtaek and Daejeon, and worshiped God Elohim with Korean brothers and sisters. “We felt like we were with the angels in heaven,” said the 73rd Overseas Visiting Group members, who were fully moved by the Holy Spirit while giving praise to God, after all the schedules. Before leaving for their countries, they expressed their resolution, “Until all our heavenly family members get together at the joyful banquet in the eternal kingdom of heaven, we will preach the gospel of the new covenant to all nations and seek our dispersed family members of heaven with all our heart and mind.”

ⓒ 2018 WATV