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“We Make Our Village Clean”

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  • País | Corea
  • Fecha | Abril 30, 2006
Cleanup Activity in Ganseok-dong by the 3rd Namdong Church in Incheon

On April 24, 2006 1:30 pm over sixty volunteers from the 3rd Namdong Church in Incheon went out to the streets in Ganseok-dong for a cleanup activity. Village Headman Cheung-Heum Park said, This area is big, being compared with other areas, so it is hard to clean the whole area. Thank you so much for coming to clean.

ⓒ 2006 WATV
The streets were dirty due to changeable weather: yellow dust, strong wind and intermittent rain. The volunteers broke up in two teams and began to clean. They felt sad to see a garbage heap in front of a sign that reads, Dont throw away garbage. The volunteers put all the food waste into plastic bags and cleaned the rest rubbish, too.

Street Cleaner Yeong-Bok Goh, who saw the members clean the nearby mountain last month, saw them again this time in the street and said, I think their faith is very strong because they work for everything as if it were their own work.

ⓒ 2006 WATV
The cleanup activity finished at about five oclock. The volunteers looked so happy as if they had been on a picnic. A volunteer said, I used to frown whenever I saw the rubbish in the street. I feel so refreshed to see this street clean. The volunteers resolved to continue their services for the local area so that they could display Gods glory.

Cleanup Activity in Jayang-dong by the 2nd Gwangjin Church in Seoul

On April 30, a day before May, 150 volunteers from the 2nd Gwangjin Church in Seoul cleaned the street for about 3 hours from 2 pm with slogans, We Make Our Village Clean, When I Change, the World Changes.

ⓒ 2006 WATV
Some youth volunteers showed a dance in yellow T-shirts, holding up picket signs reading, Happiness Comes from Good Environment, Think of Clean Environment! Make Clean Gwangjin-gu! and so on.

The volunteers gathered in teams and shouted, We make our village clean! And they moved to each teams area. They cleaned all the rubbish thrown in the streets and removed the chewing gum stuck on the streets and bills on polls. The youth let people know the necessity of environmental protection and the realities of the environmental pollution by giving them pamphlets for the cleanup campaign from the ward office.

Among the volunteers who attended the activity, there were some senior couples who removed the bills on the poles with baskets, brushes and water sprays that they had bought with them, and young children who cleaned the streets with brooms that were too big for their small hands.

ⓒ 2006 WATV
Pastor Gye-Su Kim from the 2nd Gwangjin Church in Seoul showed the purport of the activity, saying, We were wondering how we could contribute to the society, and we got to know that the environmental pollution in our village was serious. So we organized this activity to let the residents know the importance of the environment. He added, We prepared this activity for about a month. I hope this activity can give a good enlightenment to the members and the residents as well. I hope people will understand that I myself have to start protecting the environment first.
The cleanup activity was not to make the village clean just for one day. The shopkeepers and passersby smiled as they saw the volunteers working hard to make the world clean with the belief that they should make their own village clean first and that if they change, the world changes.