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Gijahng Church in Busan Volunteered to Give Haircut

  • Bienestar de los Ancianos
  • País | Corea
  • Fecha | Mayo 04, 2006
On May 4, Gijahng Church in Busan gave haircut to the seniors. At a senior's home located in Jugong APT in Gijahng-gun, Busan, the haircut voluntary service was held a second time. Last year, Gijahng Church once gave haircut to seniors.

ⓒ 2006 WATV
Around 11a.m., the Women Association of the apartment and many seniors were waiting for the volunteers with drinks and food. The seniors welcomed the volunteers, saying they had missed them so much. The volunteers gave them haircut, massaged their neck and shoulders and trimmed their nails.

The voluntary service finished at 1p.m. Until then, many seniors were lined up in a long queue. The Women Association of the Apartment gave thanks to the volunteers and asked them to come again.

Pastor Gwang-Seop Jeong from the Gijahng Church smiled brightly, saying, Now we are continually asked to come for a voluntary service. We feel so happy to practice Gods good teachings for the seniors and to see many people feel Gods love and study the truth through the voluntary service.

ⓒ 2006 WATV
May is the Month of Family. According to God's teaching, Love our neighbors as ourselves, the members of the Church of God are sharing love with their neighbors. Their good deeds will become a little hope to make the world more beautiful.